We first started gathering for The Sweet and Sour Hour to exclaim the triumphs and deride the tribulations working in a company that we loved and hated. As that point in time has passed, our conversations changed. The technical, philosophical, personal content our conversations all help us cope with our modern life.

We believe that our eclectic points of view balance and give perspective on a variety of sweet and sour things that catch our attention. Our different locations bring a national if not global notion of problem solving and an eye to keeping it all in perspective. We’ve seen each other through career changes, cross country moves, international travels, intrigues, creations, loves, marriages, births, deaths, recessions, depressions, triumphs, spelling errors…the general flow of modern life. We are better for our relationship.

Our hope for this effort is simple. That we will end up with a living blog. One that will provide perspective and keep us inspiring each other.

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